Lamm LL2 de Luxe. Line Preamplifier Tubes. Mint Condition. ()

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John Roy 

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Lamm LL2 de Luxe. Line Preamplifier Tubes. Mint Condition. 

Perfect conditions of use. No scratches, or blows.
Very few hours of use, with original tubes.
Original packing wood and manual.

Description: Tubed line-level stereo preamplifier. Tube complement: two 12AU7A, two 6DJ8, one 6X4. Inputs: 3. Tape loops: 1. Frequency response: 1.5Hz–400kHz, –3dB. Input impedance: 50k ohms. Output impedance: 250 ohms. Input sensitivity: 0.127V RMS, +2%. Rated output voltage, 20Hz–20kHz: 1.0V RMS. Harmonic distortion: <0.03% at 2V RMS. Phase inverting: No.
Dimensions: 19.25" (495mm) W by 5" (130mm) H by 13.75" (350mm) D. Weight: 20 lbs (9kg).


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