If you are looking to buy a second hand car in Bangalore, please visit giga cars. We have a wide range of used cars like sedans and hatchbacks. maruti suzuki, hyundai, honda and other brands are also available in different color variants. Just Give Us Call !

Why Giga Cars:

Choosing us will save you time and effort because if you sell your car yourself, we will do everything you need to do!

The following benefits also make it useful:

- High selling price.

- Full Confidence and Transparency.

- We only sell our cars to end users and not from other dealers.

Therefore, by using our Park & Sell facility, sellers usually get 10-15% higher prices in 15 days than they sell on some regular channels. Now you have the opportunity to sell car online in Bangalore.


- Sell Car Online – Get right market cost from Gigacars valuation calculator.

- Buy Used Cars in Bangalore from the Real Owners.

Together you will select three cars by side-by-side comparison so that you can find the right one. Let us help 
you sell & buy your car! Just visit or give a call !

More details:

Visit us: https://gigacars.com/

Call @: 8047171919

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